Piccolo and Krillin are looking great in Dragon Ball FighterZ


Online lobbies confirmed too

Arc System Works’Dragon Ball FighterZ kind of swooped in and stole the thunder from several upcoming fighting games (Marvel Unlimitedespecially), and part of that is due to Arc’s beautiful engine, which was master-crafted for years for the Guilty Gearseries. All of that hard work is paying off, even if Guilty Gear isn’t getting practically any love these days.

Yes, if the hype is any indication FighterZwill do every well at launch, especially since they’re adding so many fan favorites/staples in so early. You can’t have a DBZgame without Piccolo and Krillin, who now have a new set of screens to show off their character models and abilities. Piccolo is said to be a “technical character,” with expandable arm grabs and guard breaks. Krillin “doesn’t have much reach and power,” but seems to be a zoner, with a penchant for trickery with an ability that creates images of himself.

FighterZis also getting online lobbies, where you can communicate with “Z-Stamps,” and employ facial expressions, as well as watch replays — I really hope there’s a Guilty Gear-esque playable lobby with tiny avatars and a fishing minigame.

As a reminder FighterZis coming in early 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You’ll probably never forget that as you’ll be seeing a lot of updates as more people get their hands on it via tournaments and tradeshows.