Pixiedust #1: Hello!


Thoughts from the community team!

I should probably be working on the monthly recap right now, but I’m still a bit under the weather and off my sleep cycle. You can expect it to be up in the community blogs sometime soon. That said, I thought I’d take a page from Strider and Occams’ books and start doing some more conversational-style blogs. Then Niero saw this after I originally posted it and said this would be a coolthing to have on the front page.

So here we are with the slightly expanded first edition of“Pixiedust.” Given my role has evolved so much around here and my blogs have been more interactive in their tone these last couple of months, I figure it’s best to keep going in that direction. I’ll still have my goofy community blogs, the passionate posts about games I like and all that, so just think of these Pixiedust posts as one of those placeswhere you can come to hang your hat and chat.

I’m a co-co-community manager now, sharing the action with Occams and Strider while Mike and Andy watch. Wait, that didn’t sound right at all — plus I prefer ladies. What I meant is, I promote community blogs and do the “Bloggers Wanted”prompts at times.

While I only have a couple of promotions under my belt so far, it has been an interesting process to be a part of. Most of the time there aren’t any conflicts with promoting a blog, but there have already been instances where I’ve had to make a judgement calls or even let other people promote things in my stead. I can’t play every game in the world, after all, so editing for context about a game I haven’t played is something I’m reluctant to do even if I like the content of the blog. Thankfully, having other community managers helps solve that issue at times.

And as a community manager, I now also interact with staff in email, continue to moderate the comments as needed and delete spam.

Lots and lots and lots of spam.

There’s also the banhammery thing I have to use at times, mostly on people who choose to go nuclear and attack others over the most trivial things. I think 75 percent of the bans have been related to The Legend of Zelda in some way. You’d think I’d be doing this overCall of Dutybros throwing down againstBattlefieldbros or some fighting game community kerfuffle.


I’ve handed out bans for this:

Look, Link has been the dream of a slumbering, magical fish. Link has been a sentient painting, a pink rabbit and a dog. Link has been tree people, rock people, fish people and a vengeful, badass god that would make Kratos piss himself. If Link getting reincarnated as a womanis such a horrible idea you need to aggressively hassle another person over it… wow.Goodbye.

I did expect some of this during andafter E3, though. We get an influx of fresh faces from E3every year. Thankfully some people come in, like the cut of Mr. Destructoid’s jib, decide to be cool kids and stick around. If you’re one of those nice, fresh faces, maybe you should introduce yourself in your own blog, tackle this month’sBloggers Wanted topicand find your niche in our community! We have the comment sections and blogs, obviously, but we also have theforums, people involved withpodcastsand livestreams. There are lots of ways for people to shine here.

Over in the community blogs we like people who share personal stories, talk about their favorite games, write guides, reviews, post opinions. art and all kinds of things.

That bit of art is by one of our community members, Meanderbot, who sometimes shares his work in blogs or helps us out by doodling members of the CBlog Recap team in our monthly recaps.

In the community blogs we’ve had people come out of the closet, talk about gaming as a parent or talk about their faith and how games intertwined with it. I’ve also seen OverlordZetta and Terry 309 write huge tomes of information on games that were perhaps too massive to promote, but were still damn cool and worth reading. Good efforts are always appreciated, so share your experiences and knowledge with us! We like that stuff.

I think you’ll find that the more you put into various parts of the Destructoid community, the more you’ll get out of it. So don’t be shy, new person — go get started!

And if any of you ever need someone to talk to, you’re welcome to contact me here with PMs or tweet me @pixielated77. I can’t promise answers to all of life’s problems (and siteissues are better sent to[email protected]), but I can lend an ear and will try to help where I can.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!