Planet Alpha 31 has a fat buzzsaw robot


I missed the first 30 Planet Alpha games

These days it’s pretty common to hear about a developer moving from working on AAA games into the indie space. Planet Alpha 31‘s Adrian Lazar is another example of that. After working at studios like Gameloft and IO Interactive, he has set out on his own to produce the action/puzzle platformer above.

It has a good look to it, with judicious use of color and low-polygon trees that remind me of Scale. In addition to the aesthetic, Planet Alpha 31 also boasts a real-time day/night cycle that can be manipulated by altering the rotation of the planet. It also has a giant robot with a spherical body and a circular sawblade for a hand. You know I just had to screenshot that guy.

Planet Alpha 31 is expected to release some time in 2016 for Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.