Planet Coaster has a big free winter update


Rides, scenery, scenarios, management features, and fixes

Winter levels are some of my favorite themed levels in video games. Don’t get me wrong, I could go the rest of my life without ever setting foot in snow again, and that’d be a life well lived. But in games? The sights and sounds are whimsical, and the snow remains permanently white. It’s fantastic!

Having that sentiment is probably for the best this time of year. Between Overwatch, and Hitman, and a dozen other games I’m blanking on right now, the holiday cheer is in full effect.

Frontier Developments is catching up with the season this week in Planet Coaster. There’s a free winter update out now, and it’s much more than just some nice-looking decorations to spruce up the place.

New Rides

  • Collider. A retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel rising to an angle of 87 degrees.
  • Bumpin’ Derby. A long-time favorite has found its way into Planet Coaster.

New Transport/Tracked Rides

  • Sleigh Ride
  • Iron Horse

New Scenarios

  • Festive King Coaster’s Crackers will let you earn up to nine more stars.

New Shops

  • Cosmic Cow Ice Cream
  • Gulpee Soda
  • Missy Good Donuts
  • Pipshot Water, Juice and Smoothie Bars
  • Pizza Pen

Winter Theme and Scenery Objects

  • Snow/Ice Biome
  • Snow Scenery. Create realistic snow-covered areas and build your own snowman!
  • Gingerbread wall set
  • Winter Scenery. Decorate your park with a tree or choir.
  • And of course, the Festive King Coaster!

That’s actually the easily-digestible version. Find the overwhelming full notes over here.

I’ve not yet dug into Planet Coaster (it’s the season of way too many games and the predictable desire to neglect all but one or two of them), but something tells me there’s no need to rush. I think I’ll enjoy the game quite a lot with a few more updates like this under Frontier’s belt.