Planet of the Apes film series tie-in game released on PSN, promptly pulled


Maybe you picked it up?

In case you haven’t heard, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, a tie-in for the Andy Serkis-helmed film trilogy, is supposed to be released sometime this year. It’s had a “fall” release window for forever, until it was actually released on the PSN and promptly pulled. Just yesterday after the PSN content drop eagle-eyed shoppers found that Last Frontier was sitting right there on the PSN for $29.99, ready to be plucked up.

Said to be an adventure game in the style of Telltale that lasts several hours (and takes place between the second and third films), we’ll probably be seeing a ton of early impressions soon enough — to the point where developer Imaginati Studio is going to either smooth out complaints or just release the thing for real.

As an unexpected fan of the film series, I hope this is able to uphold its legacy and give us a juicy enough storyline to warrant giving it a shot.

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