Planet Zoo is getting an Australia Pack and a free update on August 25


Kangaroos and koalas are in the $10 DLC

Planet Zoo is adding several new animals with the Australia Pack on August 25, 2020.

The koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary, and eastern blue-tongued lizard – choose your beast. Cassowaries are intimidating and their eggs are a wild shade of green, so that’s my pick.

In line with the game’s prior DLC packs, this one will cost $9.99 and it’s arriving on the same day as a free update – in this case, the 1.3 update – to round out the zoo-managing experience for all players.

One of the coolest features in the patch is alternate colors and patterns to help differentiate your critters. “The team researched animal color and pattern variation, and found that documentation was rare and highly variable in quality depending on the species,” according to Frontier Developments. “We’ve done our absolute best to stick to research photo reference, and do them justice.”

Other upgrades include an all-in-one page for animal feeding, more efficient staff management, a Sandbox map, a Timed Scenario in Estonia, vending machines for your park guests, and more foliage.

Look out for “plants and smaller sapling trees to complement their larger cousins.” Thank goodness.