Plant gal Kanna is getting her own Blaster Master Zero II DLC on June 29


Pot Head

With the sun beating down hard on much of the world right now, its the perfect time for a spot of photosynthesis. In keeping with the summer season, spirited “plant girl” Kanna is getting set to bring some flower power to Inti Creates’ Blaster Master Zero II.

Revealed during yesterday’s New Game+ Expo presentation, the Kanna Raising Simulator DLC will add a brand new mini-game to BMZ II. Players will be charged with blastin’ baddies and collecting bonuses in order to provide fertiliser and nutrients to young Kanna, helping her bloom and grow through a variety of different forms. According to the leafy lady herself, the game is “totes bonkers”, so go ahead and check out the action in a new trailer below.

The Kanna Raising Simulator DLC will be available to purchase from June 29 on all platforms for just a couple of bucks. Blaster Master Zero II will also launch on PS4 the same day.