Platinum's mysterious action game Babylon's Fall is 'continuing to progress well'


I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light

Babylon’s Fall is one of those names that doesn’t come up enough in conversation, but don’t take that as a sign of disinterest or insurmountable development hurdles – Platinum has just been quiet lately.

After catching a glimpse of the knight-slashing action game in a December 2019 State of Play presentation, we have a status update: Babylon’s Fall isn’t canceled or delayed further (yet).

As the team shared on Twitter, “While we had hoped to reveal more about the game this summer, we can share that development of Babylon’s Fall is continuing to progress well, with the team working safely from home. Square Enix and Platinum Games are committed to delivering an exhilarating experience and we look forward to showcasing much more on Babylon’s Fall to you as soon as we can.”

It’s easy to overlook this game since we’ve seen so little of it and Bayonetta 3 is occupying so much headspace, but I like the vaguely Devil May Cry-meets-Souls aesthetic the gameplay trailer gave off.

Next time, I’d expect to see a much more significant showcase, and I’m ready for it.

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