Play Battlefield V for free while it lasts


Just in time for the Pacific theater

It’s not too late to get into Battlefield V, even if you’re only looking to dip your toes in for the long-awaited War in the Pacific update. DICE is hosting free weekend events for the game throughout the month of October, and honestly, that’s ample time to get your fill of WWII multiplayer mayhem.

If you’re down, you can install Battlefield V on PC via Origin, PS4, and Xbox One. Not every game mode will be available for every free-play event – they’re running on a week-by-week schedule.

  • Free Weekend 1 (starting October 10): Rush on Operation Underground, Rotterdam, Narvik, and Mercury, among other maps.
  • Free Weekend 2 (starting October 17): Conquest on Operation Underground, Rotterdam, Devastation, Marita, and Arras.
  • Free Weekend 3 (starting October 24): Grand Operations on Twisted Steel, Narvik, Hamada, Rotterdam, and Panzerstorm.
  • Free Weekend 4 (starting November 1): All maps and modes including Chapter 5: War in the Pacific with the U.S., Japan, and Iwo Jima. This is the one to show up for.

Any progress you make will carry over to the full game, including unlocks like the Captain Hadlow vehicle skin for the Stug IV (Week 1), the Trench Carbine (Week 2), and the anti-air Fliegerfaust (Week 3).

I don’t think I’m the only one who tends to skip most free weekends it often doesn’t feel worth the download time or data-cap investment to play a game once or twice at most before your free access is revoked but the fact that Battlefield V is doing four trials in a row makes this a little meatier.

I’m also way into the idea of playing against folks who aren’t as battle-hardened as dedicated BFV players who never left the game despite its poor content schedule. I want to stand a reasonable chance.

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