Play Overwatch for free this weekend, and play it for cheap for eternity


Assuming the servers stay up for eternity

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, two things are a certainty as far as video games go. Game of the year consideration is about to happen, and a lot of games are about to get really cheap.

There’s some overlap today. Overwatch, a game that will most definitely be nominated for some (if not many) awards by most outlets, is almost half off on Amazon at $35. That sale applies to all platforms — PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Take note that, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live all have the same deal for digital versions. Also, anyone with a Best Buy GCU membership gets it further discounted to $28.

For those who are unsure, the sale perfectly coincides with a free Overwatch weekend. That’s right — you can jump in, see what all this Sombra and high noon nonsense is about, and then make an informed purchasing decision. If it’s not your jam, you’re no worse for the wear. If only car salesmen could be this chill.

Overwatch – Origins Edition [Amazon]