Play this convincing fan-made P.T. remake on PC while it's still up


The best I’ve seen so far

There’s another fan-made P.T. remake to add to the growing list, but unlike some of the other “inspired by” projects, this one is a surprisingly accurate recreation of the cherished PS4 game. It’s available as a free download on PC right now through Grab it while you can, because it won’t last.

Guys, if you didn’t done it yet, you can still play my P.T. Remake! Do it asap before Konami shut it down!#silenthill #pt #DeathStranding @My_SilentHill

— Artur Łączkowski (@arturlaczkowski) November 3, 2018

Some notable scenes like the opening wake-up animation are missing, but the spooky interior looks almost exactly as I remember it. You still walk through a looping hallway. There’s still a wailing baby. That damn creaking still puts me on edge. An early moment made me jump despite knowing full well that it was coming. It’s P.T. all right. Artur Łączkowski, the remake’s creator, did an admirable job.

While those of us who downloaded P.T. on PlayStation 4 before it was delisted can still access the game to this day, a recent rumor created a bit of a panic. There was talk of Konami releasing a patch to make P.T. unplayable. That didn’t actually happen, but there is a concern that something — intentional or otherwise — may one day kill the game. Having a fan-made remake on PC isn’t a bad idea.

It’s wild how effective the game can be even after multiple playthroughs. Just looking down the long hallway makes me uneasy. If you missed the P.T. craze, strongly consider playing this fan remake.

Playable Teaser by Artur Łączkowski []