Playdead's next game will have a sci-fi theme


Don’t expect it anytime soon, though

Playdead is a company that never really takes opportunities to reveal its hand. Playdead would rather show than tell. That’s partially why both Limboand Insidewere so well-received when they launched — because no one really knew what to expect.

In a rare update about its current project, Playdead has revealed that its third game will have a science fiction theme. This comes from an interview with Danish outlet ComputerWorld. Founder Arnt Jensen says “The next game becomes a fairly lonely sci-fi game somewhere in the universe.” Loneliness is certainly a pervasive theme across all of Playdead’s games.

It’s said that there are approximately 40 people working on this third title, but there isn’t a working prototype yet. It’s still in the “idea phase” and Playdead hopes to have something playable for internal use next year. That means the next Playdead game is likely still very far away. This studio has such a sterling reputation that whatever’s next, it’s probably worth waiting for.

Here is Denmark’s best IT company: Playdead wins Computerworld’s Top 100 2018 [ComputerWorld via ResetEra]