Player discovers Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch that drops the Master Sword



Do you have four minutes to learn a complicated glitch sequence for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? No? Too bad I’ll break it down anyway. Because nearly two million people own the game and have been playing it constantly, multiple bugs have been discovered — thankfully, most of them add to the fun rather than ruin it.

This one involves getting a horde of foes to shoot tons of arrows (which is facilitated by the act of dropping bows en masse at the start of the video), which breaks Link’s inventory and the UI in general. Doing this enough eventually allows one to drop the Master Sword.

To break this down a bit, Nintendo seems to have installed a sort of fail safe anti-glitch measure for the Master Sword, an item that you can’t drop or otherwise lose. Just in casecrazy speedrunners or other folks figured out a way to bug out the piece of equipment, they added a special parameter that allows you to get it back.

At the end of the glitch the Master Sword kind of floats away into the sky while a message appears on-screen. Skyward sword…get it?