Player gains access to Fallout 76's restricted 'Vault 63,' prays Bethesda doesn't use the ban hammer


The FBI is on their way

Fallout 76‘s current situation is even more absurd than you think. In addition to all of the bugs that keep popping up like daisies as Bethesda tries to squash them, there’s another huge issue afoot: cheating. While there are plain old cheaters that can be classified as black and white as ’90s-era 56K trainers and dupers, other situations are, well, gray.

Simply put, players who are victims of random glitches or bugs fear that they might be banned by Bethesda: given that you need to authenticate with a Bethesda account and log in for this online-only game, that would be a big problem. SinceFallout 76is very buggy these situations happen all the time, including this latest debacle by player McStaken.

Taking to reddit, McStaken notes that they were doing a “Rad-Rat Horde event” (a public event on the world map) when they were swooped into Vault 63: a previously locked place on the map that many speculate will open at a later date. They took pictures of the whole affair and sent a ticket to Bethesda, hoping that their account wouldn’t be flagged and subsequently banned.

After nearly a day of waiting a Bethesda Community Manager saw the post and stated that they “have shared [the info] with the team.” They seem safe, and if this situation proves anything, it’s that using a megaphone to cover your ass and immediately reporting bugs ensures that you’ll be okay. It really does beg the question of whether or not Fallout 76is one of, if not the most, buggy online-only games to date, and how much of the onus falls upon the players to ensure they won’t be penalized.

This is one for the record books: the tell-all for this project will be a great read one day.

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