PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sets new concurrent player record on Steam


A lotta people like killin’

MMO shooter PUBG continues to go from strength to strength, last week setting an all-time record for the most concurrent players on Steam. Nearly one and a half million players jumped online to tear it up on the digital island of death.

The record had been previously held by veteran online game DOTA 2, according to stat-tracking system steamcharts, reaching an ultimate peak of 1,291,328 concurrent players back in March 2016 (though this is about 5k out from Steam’s official stat). PUBG just popped this figure, setting a new record of 1,349,584 players, all mashing it out in a single session of online warfare.

The popular battle royale game recently added foggy weather effects to its mechanics, which surely has to be the catalyst for this record, right? So, all game devs out there, get some fog into your games, whether shooters, RPGs, racers or block-based puzzle games. Fog sells.

Highest peak player count on @steam_games! A sincere thank you to all our players & the amazing @PUBATTLEGROUNDS team I get to work with! GG