Playing Dark Souls on Switch? Save this ridiculously helpful cheat sheet


Extra helpful if you’re going for 100% completion

At last, Dark Souls: Remastered is out for Nintendo Switch. Some of us have made the trek up, down, and all around Lordran countless times on multiple platforms. Some of us are about to learn a valuable lesson in patience and perseverance. Heck, some of us just plain have bad memories. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher you can conveniently turn to when you’re lost.

Remember how you used to cram a bunch of notes onto a tiny index card to ace tests in school? Basically, someone made the Dark Souls equivalent — a browser-based cheat sheet with checklists to help players get the most out of the game. It’s still relevant for the Remastered release on Switch.

Created by reddit user IrishStevo, the Dark Souls Cheat Sheet is an invaluable resource for new and returning players. It breaks down the entire non-linear adventure into individual areas and tasks complete with easy-to-skim summaries and links to the far-more-detailed Fextralife wiki pages.

The cheat sheet also contains checklists to help you track rare weapons, sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles (there was an achievement/trophy for full completion on Xbox and PlayStation). Finally, you can quickly see the suggested level ranges and summon ranges for different areas and bosses.

As much as I’d recommend playing Dark Souls relatively blind your first time through, certain aspects of the game can be obtuse. Some parts are more frustrating or long-winded than they need to be. If you’re a newcomer, I’d encourage you to chart your own course if possible and use this guide only when you’re stuck (or once you’ve made it to the end and want to see everything before starting New Game+).

Good luck out there, first-time Dark Souls players, and don’t make the same silly mistake I made back in 2011 — don’t try to force your way through the graveyard near Firelink Shrine. It won’t end well.

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