PlayStation 4 Black Ops III bundle getting offloaded for $329 on eBay


Non-neon orange edition

It looks like retailers may have overestimated the popularity of Black Ops III bundles, because Antonline is now clearing out some PlayStation 4 units at $329.99. This is of course the “Jet Black” edition of the bundle, aka the regular PlayStation 4 console that’s uh, not ugly.

This bundle comes with the popular Nuk3town DLC and you’ll be saving on sales tax if you grab from Antoline… so long as you don’t reside in California or Georgia. Note that Antonline is an authorized Sony retailer, so you’ll be good on the warranty front.

Given we’re no longer in the holiday season, this is a decent price all things considered. If you must have a PlayStation 4 under normal retail price, a $330 price range is probably what you can expect in the near future.