PlayStation social media accounts compromised


Internal database allegedly leaked

PlayStation social media accounts across the globe were compromised today in concurrence with an alleged database leak. The guilty party asks (with questionable grammar) for a PlayStation representative to contact them.

Oh, and to subscribe to #DramaAlert.

These messages point to the security hacker group OurMinebeing responsible. If this is legitimate, then this case joins HBO, TechCrunch, and BuzzFeed as high-profile targets of the group. This isn’t PlayStation’s first rodeo with possible customer data leaks, either. A leak of data related to PlayStation Network and Qriocity services data led to 23 days of outage back in 2011. In this case, the social media posts claim that the databases “aren’t going to be shared.”

While no breach of customer data has been confirmed yet, and as of the time of writing PlayStation Network is still up, caution is advised. Changing your password on the service, and other services where you used the same password, goes a long way. And while Sony told Destructoid back in 2011 that credit card security codes aren’t stored, I would keep an eye on future bills if your credit card info was saved on a PlayStation device. Just to be safe.