PlayStation Store's 2014 best-selling games are no big surprise


You’ve likely heard these names before

Sony’s still working all the 2014 out of its system. More than two week into the new year (practically the “old year” at this point), and PlayStation Blog’s still trickling out the best performers of 2014.

This time it’s the PlayStation Store’s top-sellers that are thrust in the spotlight. Destinymoved the most digital copies on PS4 which was probably to be expected given the giant marketing push. Destinyalso took home the prize for most-purchased PS4 DLC with its season pass.Maybe most surprising of PS4 sales figures is that GTA Vfinished second instead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Elsewhere, Minecraftwas the PS3’s top performer, and the Call of Duty: Ghostsadd-on Onslaughtwas the legacy console’s best-selling DLC. Vita’s award went to Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-, and GTA: San Andreassold the best for PS Classics.

Now, pop that bubbly because on January 16, we can all finally start looking forward to 2015.

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