PlayStation just stripped out some convenient web features


It’s the end of the road for My PlayStation

You may not know it by name, but you very may well have benefitted from My PlayStation. And as of June 28, 2021, it’s discontinued — the old URL redirects.

With this change (which was communicated ahead of time in typical bad-news-bearing fashion), it’s no longer possible to access parties, friends, or trophies using the official PlayStation website. You’ll need to switch to the PlayStation App on iOS or Android.

As Destructoid reader Just Aaron put it, “I always used [the site] to send messages over PSN but now I can’t. I also can’t check my friends list to see who is online or any of that good stuff.”

Two other web features — your profile and game library — are still around, but they’re listed in a drop-down menu. Once you’re logged into, you can reach your profile and game library by clicking on your user avatar that’s up in the top-right area.

As a reminder, the library feature is where you can see your purchases, played games, and downloads across PS4 and PS5 — as well as your PlayStation Plus and/or PlayStation Now info if you’re subscribed. Remember when it used to show “legacy” platforms too?

While I never really used My PlayStation to message PlayStation Network friends, I did lean on the site to glance at my trophies. Basically, I’m invested enough to pop open a tab on my PC, but do I care enough to go download the PlayStation App? Not at the moment.

Beyond the My PlayStation cut, another (admittedly much more niche) removal also went down this week: PlayStation Vita messaging. “Although messaging on PS Vita is going away, your messages will still be available to you by using the messaging service on PS5 consoles, PS4 consoles, and via mobile on PlayStation App,” explained Sony.

Not to sound too dramatic, but it’s getting to the point where bookmarking the “Important notices regarding PlayStation products and services” page is probably worthwhile.