PlayStation's holding another press briefing this week


Three in under three months

After skipping out on gamescom, Sony took center stage at both Tokyo Game Show and Paris Games Week within the past couple months. Those major showings seemingly weren’t enough as PlayStation has yet another press briefing up its sleeve. This one’s for the South Koreans.

A new page on the Korean PlayStation site tells of a November 4 presser in time for this year’s G-STAR convention in Busan, South Korea. G-STAR doesn’t actually begin until November 12. There’s no real indication why the event’s happening a week earlier than we’d expect.

There’s also no real indication as to what we can expect from this show. PlayStation VR is listed on the presser’s page, but that’s it. It will probably be thick with localization news and maybe word of a new MMO or something. Sony can’t have that much more to talk about, especially given that it’ll want to save something for PlayStation Experience which is happening early next month.

We’ll find out if that’s the case in just a day’s time. This all kicks off at 10:30 am in Korea, which, for those Stateside, is 5:30 Pacific on November 3. The whole shindig’s streaming online (as these things do), but we’ll also be here to cover it in case you like your information in word form. We always got your back on that front, friends.

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