PlayStation's new promotion sees six games release in seven weeks


It’s a Launch Party

Over the course of the next seven weeks, a half dozen games will make their way to Sony platforms for the first time ever. Some will be new releases, some will be PlayStation-exclusives — it’s a bit of everything, really.

This promotion has been dubbed the Launch Party 2016, and it starts next week. On March 15, Salt and Sanctuaryreleases, and the party don’t stop until Alienationcomes out on April 26. Here’s the full Launch Party schedule:

  • March 15:Salt and Sanctuary(Ska Studios, $17.99)
  • March 22:Day of the Tentacle Remastered(Double Fine, $14.99)
  • April 5:Enter the Gungeon(Dodge Roll, $14.99)
  • April 12:Stories: The Path of Destinies(Spearhead Games, $14.99)
  • April 19: Invisible, Inc.(Klei Entertainment, $19.99)
  • April 26: Alienation(Housemarque, $19.99)

If you’re not the risk averse type, it’s worth noting that pre-ordering any of these games comes with a 10 percent discount. Additionally, Day of the Tentacle is cross-buy on PS4 and Vita; Salt and Sanctuarywill be also be cross-buy when the Vita version is finished.

Introducing PlayStation Store’s Launch Party: Six Weeks, Six New Games [PlayStation Blog]