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Not just IGN…

Earlier today, tweets from former Destructoid reviews editor Jim Sterling alerted me to the existence of a petition that insists reviews aggregate site Metacritic stop considering reviews from IGN, which gave Doom a 7.1, “severely altering the score that it deserves.”

Yes, IGN rates too low, is the issue. “Advanced warfare received a 9.1 yet being a mediocre game, IGN is paid off by large devs and shouldn’t be use as a legit source of review,” the petition continues. As of writing it has 1,504 signatures.

One of them is from me. I, too, think Metacritic should not list reviews from IGN.

“However,” — as I write, in my counter petition, please sign here — “However, I do not think that proposed legislation goes far enough. Sometimes I go to Metacritic to find Destructoid’s review of a game, but after sitting on my own balls, accidentally click another site’s review. This is unacceptable. The whole point of Metacritic is that I can find opinions that align with my own for an objective appraisal of a game and there’s no way I can do that if Metacritic houses reviews that I do not agree with so, please, Metacritic:

“Do away with all aggregate reviews that do not come from Before it’s too late.”

If you, too, think Metacritic should only be a storehouse for Destructoid reviews, please sign here.