Podtoid asks the hard-hitting question: Is Joker dangerous?


Podtoid 420

It’s finally arrived: the 420th episode of Podtoid and the crew is getting high…on slime. Also games, movies and everything they love to talk about on this show. This week, Dan is out at EGLX, so the rest of the team keeps busy with discussions on Overwatch, Ninja Saviors, Planescape Torment, bears, Spliffy apparel, and music from the ’90s. All that, plus they give their hopes way up for a new Okami, on Podtoid 420. And be sure to stick around after the show for the return of Spoilsport. In this episode, Chris and CJ find out if they see eye-to-eye on Joker. And yes, they’ll spoil nearly everything about that film in their discussion.

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