Podtoid wants to know your dream PlayStation 5 launch title


Podtoid 440

Slowly but surely, the world is learning about the PlayStation 5. This past week we heard rumblings the system might be pretty scarce at launch with a predicted high price possibly leading to fewer units being made in the first few months. Obviously, with the success of the PS4, there is a fervor about its successor as we await its final reveal. Will it cost $600? Will it be as white as the controller? Will we be able to fight historically accurate giant enemy crabs with it? Finally, what first-party games will it launch with?

That’s one of the topics of conversation on this episode of Podtoid. CJ, Chris, Dan, Charlotte, and Occams come together to overcome the COVID-blues as they talk Final Fantasy VII Remake, Murder by Numbers, new characters in Animal Crossing, the ESRB, and more. All that, plus a special guest appearance from Dan’s dog, in Podtoid Episode 440.

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