Podtoid wants your questions one last time before we say goodbye to 2020


The year that lasted a century

Back in January, December 2020 felt like a lifetime away. Today, January seems like it was eons ago. Twenty-twenty was the year where time truly became a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Hours felt like days, days felt like weeks, and something that happened just a few weeks prior felt like a lifetime ago. I mean, the election was less than a month ago. Doesn’t it feel like that took place back in August?

What a weird year this has been, and while we can’t blame it all on COVID, it certainly played its part in making these 366 days we’ll never forget. It upended the lives of people around the world, forced businesses to offer work-from-home solutions, and pointed out who you should unfriend on Facebook. I know we have some frontline workers who frequent Destructoid, so to them, I just want to say thank you and sorry for having to deal with the troglodytes of our society.

I honestly don’t know how I’ll explain the year that is 2020 to my kids. Where do you start? All the canceled movies? All the delayed games? All the people arguing that crunch “is not that bad because they’re getting paid?” Remember the awfulness that was the never-ending Summer of E3? Or how about watching Microsoft and Sony see who’d blink first in showing off their next-gen consoles? Or Ubisoft and all the shit that went down there this year?

I can’t wait to say good riddance to bad rubbish, though I know the clock striking midnight on December 31 won’t magically make everything better. Twenty twenty-one is going to be just as much a hassle of a year as this one but without the unfortunate sight of Rudy Giuliani’s hair melting onto his face. I’m happy to mostly be through this year, and happy to have one more shot at answering your questions for the Podtoid team. Chris, Charlotte, Dan, Occams, and I are all on this week, so please leave your questions below. And remember, the more creative the question, the more likely it is we’ll ask it on air.