Point-and-click shoot 'em up Starr Mazer now on Kickstarter



A couple days ago Steven told us that Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae would be contributing to Starr Mazer, and that she would not be alone in that endeavor. Indeed, the huge list of composers on the Starr Mazer Kickstarterincludes names like C-jeff, Danimal Cannon, the ubiquitous Jake “virt” Kaufman, and a ton of others.

The soundtrack is not all Starr Mazer has going for it. It seeks to combine two disparate genres, blending point-and-click adventure gameplay with horizontal sidescrolling shooting. According to the campaign page, it will not be broken up into distinct sections, but rather the two pieces will flow into one another. The Kickstarter page also has a healthy dose of rad animated GIFs.

Starr Mazer is seeking $160,000 in funding and has collected pledges totaling almost 10% of that in the first day. Assuming funding goes through, it should release on Linux, Mac, and Windows, with stretch goals set for console versions.

Don Thacker, designer/writer/director for Starr Mazer, will be talking to Jonathan Holmes on Sup Holmes this Sunday.