Pokemon Crystal is coming to the 3DS next year with Bank support on day one


The best gen

Nintendo and Game Freak are doing a great thing bringing classic Pokemongames into the fray on modern platforms. I’ve had many conversations with people who want to get into them but lack retro hardware, and now everyone can enjoy a piece of history together, with trading capabilities with modern games, no less.

To this end, Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Crystalis coming to the 3DS on January 26, priced at $9.99. Crystalis notable as the first “third version” to hit the west (to Silverand Gold), and because it lacks a DS remake. For those who are wondering, yes the Pokemon Bank will have support for Crystalday one. It’ll also be able to interact with Red, Blue, and Yellow. Oh, and Celebi can now be encountered “in an event” after beating the game.

Yep, this is doing it right! If only Nintendo put this much effort into the rest of the Virtual Console.