Pokemon Duel gets a surprise release on mobile devices



I’m not sure how many of you remember (I certainly didn’t), but a more strategy focused mobile game based on Pokemon was released for Japanese mobile devices last year. The game was known as Pokemon Co-Master and was made in collaboration with a new Japanese company called Heroz. You can now play that game with English text since the Pokemon Company has gone and secretly released the title as Pokemon Duel for the US and UK.

The game is basically a combination of the Pokemon trading card game and action figures. Obviously microtransactions are used to purchase different creatures and each pack you buy is random! Oh joy! That was my favorite aspect of the old trading cards!

Since this is free-to-play (ugh), I may try it out for the hell of it. I know things like Magic the Gathering have made some pretty successful digital versions based on a similar model and this really is no different than tracking down physical trading cards. I also think taking a different approach to combat with the series could be neat, even if the rock-paper-scissors dynamic is tried and true.

Pokemon Duel Mobile Game Released for the US and Europe [WWG]