Pokemon for the Switch will be out in '2018 or later'


Ah the Square Enix timetable

Nintendo dropped some big bombs around E3 this year. They may have been dropped by a stealth bomber, who swooped in and out before we could even ask “details?” but they were bombs nonetheless. In addition to the mere mention thatMetroid Prime 4 exists, we also got word that a new Pokemon RPG was in the works for the Switch, making it one of the few console releases ever for the series.

It’s hard to get too excited given that we know nothing, but Nintendo gave us a little nugget this week in their financial report — currently, it’s scheduled for “2018 or later.” It’s not much, but given that Metroid Prime 4(which is confirmed to be a working title) is still listed as “TBA,” it’s something.

If the Switch takes off even more by then and this Pokemon RPG somehow has online co-op, I will live in it. Given that Nintendo is light years away from the infrastructure to support a proper first-party MMO, it’s probably the next best thing.

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