Pokemon GO has made over $3 billion in lifetime revenue


Gotta make it all

Believe it or not, it’s been four years since the launch of Pokémon Go. Four years since those videos of wild crowds all converging in the same spot to catch some rare creature for their Pokédex. And while such phenomenal stories have long since died down, Niantic’s mobile title remains a staggeringly successful release.

According to figures released by statistical analysis site Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go has succeeded in amassing over $3 billion USD in revenue since launch, with $774 million of that total coming from 2019 alone. The app has been downloaded some 541 million overall, with an average in-game spend per download of $5.60.

The good old US of A leads when it comes to spending money on Pokémon Go, with 36.2% of all revenue coming from the states. Japan is unsurprisingly second, accounting for 29.4% of in-game purchases, before the figures drop off sharply, with Germany coming third with a slim 6%.

Pokémon Go is currently on track to end 2019 as its most successful year to date, likely to surpass 2016’s revenue total of $832 million. So it appears that while the memes, mainstream news stories, and riot-level crowds are a distant memory, Pokémon Go is stronger today than it’s ever been.

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