Pokemon Go hits 650 million downloads, but its growth has slowed


They had 500 million back in September

At the Google Developer Day conference within GDC, Niantic Labs, developer of Pokemon Go, announced that they had hit 650 million downloads as of this week. More updates are planned, and according to CTO Phil Keslin, players have walked from the Earth to Pluto, with 5.4 billion miles earned.

What’s important to takeaway from this number is that we can see just how much the game has grown within the past six months. Although it’s still a big money-maker (more than most of us can dream of in our lifetimes), Niantic had 500 million downloads in September, two months after the game’s launch.

Since then it’s rolled out in more territories, and they’ve slowed, earning 150 million more downloads in the past six months. It’s still a massive hit, but Niantic is going to have to keep up the pace if it wants to retain users. Just how many of those people were activewas not shared.

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