Pokemon Go is throwing a big event in Philadelphia later this year


May 8-10

Pokemon Go is still making tons of cash, which means developer Niantic, and Nintendo (which is part of The Pokemon Company) are still supporting it. While previous early Niantic events have been disastrous, the company is still hosting them, and without the critical mass of players involved, the outages are less frequent.

The newest event on the block was expanded upon this past weekend: a Safari Zone celebration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’ll take place in Fairmount Park from Friday, May 8 to Sunday, May 10 of this year, and will feature the following Pokemon: “Voltorb (including a shiny), Alolan Sandshrew, Unown P, Bronzor, Rufflet, and more.”

Tickets are on sale now and will run you $12 for the standard admission and $18 for early access (two hours early). Naturally, since this is a mobile game, there’s also yet another add-on, or, real-life DLC, to buy. It’s called the Explorer Pass, and will run you $8: you can find details on that below.

Pokemon Go [Twitter]

City Explorer Pass:

  • 10 City Explorer Raids on a 72-hour timer will take place at iconic city locations that will be chosen in partnership with the City of Philadelphia. These raids will be accessible only by City Explorers. With varying levels of difficulty and a wide variety of Pokémon to battle, these raids will offer challenges that City Explorers of all levels can enjoy! Access to these raids will be included in the City Explorer Pass—no Premium Battle Passes needed.
    • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres will be available in three five-star City Explorer Raids.
    • Braviary, the Evolution of Safari Zone Philadelphia’s featured Pokémon Rufflet, will be available in a two-star raid.
    • The Legendary Pokémon and EX Raid Pokémon that are available in general while the Safari Zone is running will be appearing in two five-star raids.
    • The other four City Explorer Raids will feature one Raid Battle each from each level of difficulty from one star to four star.
  • 1/2 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators within the city.
  • Exclusive Field Research tasks will be granted by PokéStops throughout the city.
  • Regular Lure Modules will last four hours if placed by City Explorers within the city. All Trainers will benefit from those four-hour Lure Modules, not just City Explorers.
  • One-hour Incense duration within the city.