Pokemon GO leak unveils Gen 3 Pokemon for Halloween


Bark at the moon

Over the weekend, dataminers uncovered evidence that Generation 3 Pokemon are set to creep into mobile smash-hit Pokemon Go in the very near future.

In the Halloween-themed update, the spooky wallpaper features a full moon silhouetting Pokemon Duskull, Sableye, Dusknoi, Banette and Shuppet. Sound files were also found for the Gen 3 crew. Though it seems Gen 3 is now ready to roll out on the MMO app, it is still likely the new critters will be drip-fed to players over time.

Also discovered was the music for the Halloween event, which appears to be a re-recorded version of the Lavender Town theme, which was infamously part of an urban myth way back when. The story being that the original Lavender Town theme was “subliminally causing players to commit suicide”, and had to be altered for Pokemon Red/Blue’s Western release.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android. There is no confirmed date for the Halloween event as of yet but, obviously, it must be on the horizon.