Pokemon Go reportedly claims its first death


In Chiquimula, Guatemala

[Update:Now that the dust has settled, it appears as if the most widely reported story(and confirmed by Guatemalan police)is very similar to a situation that happened in the US recently. Assailants possibly used the app to lure out the targets and the police are evidently seeking out the involved parties. An unfortunate situation all around.]

Just recently we saw that folks in New York City were willing to jump barriers to restricted areas to catch creatures in Pokemon Go, but this is another level entirely.

According to the Mirror, an 18-year old in Chiquimula, Guatemalaallegedly tried to break in to someone’s house to capture Pokemon, and was shot and killed — his cousin who was with him at the time was wounded. Independent is reporting that they were actually shot while they were walking outsideand might not be related to a break-in at all. If the reports are confirmed, it could be the first Gorelated death to date.

We’ve seen people fall off cliffs, drive into cops, and find dead bodiesplaying this game, most of which are at fault for not paying attention. When literally millions of players every day are engaging with something that encourages them to wander around, things like this are bound to happen eventually. Either way, it’s pretty crazy.

Pokemon Go: Teenager shot and killed while searching for creatures in game[Independent UK]