Pokemon has big plans for its 25th anniversary and they involve Katy Perry


Charizard casts firework

You had me at Rube Golberg machine, Pokemon Company.

The time has come: the powers that be that are in charge of one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time (it wasn’t just a fad, mom!) is ready to unleash the 25th anniversary celebration. Today, they kicked things off with a video that honors the two-decade-plus legacy of the series in a very cute way.

But there’s a surprise at the end:Katy Perry! No really. Even though she doesn’t appear directly in the video, the aforementioned machine eventually leads to the reveal that Perry will be providing new music to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

Note that there’s also a website for all this ruckus, which will likely be announcing more plans throughout the year. You can bet that when anything comes of this, we’ll be reporting on it! The first tease involves a Galar region celebration in “March,” as well as hints of new Pokemon gear, and the aforementioned musical collaboration.

“Loads of events, promotions, and more” are also on the way.

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