Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets a new overview trailer with more gameplay


The intriguing new style of Pokemon game is right around the corner

The launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is weeks away at this point. If the wait’s weighing on you though, Nintendo has put out a new overview trailer showing off life in olden Hisui-region times.

The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer is a roughly six-minute overview of what’s to come in the new adventure. Some of it includes aspects of the Hisui region we’ve already seen, like exploring the open world. And others give us a better idea of what we should expect in the near future.

It is, as of this writing, only available in Japanese though. Check it out below:

There are parts of Pokemon Legends: Arceus we already knew, like its world exploration and the terrifying feeling of getting chased by massive, angry Pokemon. There are also a bunch of cosmetic options for your Pokemon Trainer, NPCs to talk to, and even mechanics like resting at camp sites, it seems.

It’s really interesting to see Pokemon Legends: Arceus in motion, though. This is probably the greatest sense we’ve gotten so far of how everything will click together into a single experience. Rather than walking around in tall grass and engaging in random battles, Pokemon Legends: Arceus certainly seems like it will ask a bit more of your Trainer. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge those lightning bolts, buddy.

The music backing this trailer is also pretty reminiscent of Breath of the Wild at times, too. It’s been easy to draw comparisons from Arceus to The Legend of Zelda‘s massive open-world Switch game too, but hearing some musical similarities has me pumped.

We’re just weeks out from Pokemon Legends: Arceus launching, so this trailer has been a nice way to get set for all this game will be. The new take on Pokemon will launch on Jan. 28, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.