Pokemon Legends: Arceus players are crossing water with Bibarel bridges


Who needs Basculegion when you’ve got a Bibarel legion?

There are many lethal dangers in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, not the least of which is water. Deep water is one of several environmental hazards you have to overcome with the help of special Pokemon in Arceus. But some clever players have discovered they don’t need the mighty Basculegion to cross rivers in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, if they simply have enough Bibarel.

Players have been posting videos of themselves fording rivers and crossing deep waters with the help of a small army of Bibarel. Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you bring your Pokemon out of their Pokeballs and into the wild; when they’re dropped onto water, several different things can happen. Some swim, others get their own little platforms, and others just kind of float.

Bibarels float, and so several intrepid Pokemon Legends: Arceus players have been crossing water thanks to their help.

bibarel bridge pic.twitter.com/c9TJTrpDig

— Lily (@LilyFuchsia) February 16, 2022

Seeing this, I could not resist the urge to try it for myself. And lo and behold, it works!

I will say, it’s pretty finicky. You need to move slow and careful, to the point that I’d probably rather do this with a Switch Pro Controller than the Joy-Con. Also, the Bibarel part seems important. Bidoofs were not quite large enough to support the player, and my Alpha Bibarel was a bit too big. Basic ol’ Bibarel, however, was just right.

Is this a reasonable method for sequence breaking? Who knows. I’d be surprised if we see speedrunners catching up a small Bibarel army at the next Games Done Quick event. It is, however, extremely neat.

These sorts of tricks and discoveries are what give me hope for Pokemon Legends: Arceus having a decently long life-span. People are still discovering Breath of the Wild tricks, and while I’m not sure Arceus has the same longevity, I do like that there’s still clearly more to do and mess around with in this world.

Now, back to building that Bibarel bridge.