Pokemon Legends: Arceus will have a Darkrai bonus for BDSP owners


I’m real anxious to see how this turns out

There’s a new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer, and it shows off more of the Hisui region, as well as more of the game’s vibrant cast. Oh, and a Darkrai bonus promo.

So the main purpose of this trailer is to show off the game’s cast and start acquainting us with the upcoming region. While we’ve already heard plenty about the Galaxy Expedition Team, we get to meet the Diamond and Pearl clans (hey, appropriate!). In the trailer, Adaman shows his stuff, with Leafeon in hand as the leader of the Diamond clan. Alternatively, Irida runs the Pearl clan with a Glaceon, and there’s a brief mention of the Ginko Guild of merchants.

While access to Shaymin was teased last month so long as you have Sword and Shield data on your Switch, we also know that Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl will grant you a Darkrai bonus encounter, as well as the Modern Team Galactic Set. Remember, you just need to have a save file, so if you can borrow a cart from someone, watch the intro, then save, you’re good to go. Note that of the two trailers below, the Japanese one is more helpful when it comes to showing off the bonuses.

I have to say, I’m really into it. The stark departure and emphasis on the Wild Area-like exploration system seems fun, so long as Game Freak actually pulls through and doesn’t get too comfortable. The lack of voice acting was expected, but I really hope that one day Nintendo can give someone the proper budget to make a dazzling Pokemon game that wows us from the first trailer.

Pokemon Legends English trailer:

Pokemon Legends Japanese trailer: