Pokemon Sun & Moon trainer Selene getting a lovely Figma


Comes with… umm… Owlball and… Satancat

This weekend, Good Smile Company revealed the latest Figma in their Pokemon range. Next in line is trainer Selene, star of the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon games, releasing on 3DS next month.

The super-cute figurine comes with an alternate face plate, a selection of hands, a funky shoulder bag, Poke ball and, most importantly, the game’s starting Pokemon; Rowlet, Popplio and Litten. Everything a gal needs to bust out her best Z-moves on your bookshelf.

Scheduled for release in May 2018, Selene is available for pre-order now at Pokemon Center, priced at $60. Pre-orders close November 29.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon launches on Nintendo 3DS November 17.