Pokemon Sword and Shield is swapping some version exclusive creatures for a limited time


The event will run through March 25

Pokemon Swordand Shieldis running yet another event this week!

Like Smash Ultimatebefore it the cadence has been rather regular, with folks diving into the Wild Area to encounter new types of Pokemon. The last one focused on Kanto region Generation 1 creatures: this time, we’re getting a flip-flopped version gimmick.Swordis Shieldand Shieldis Sword. Cats and dogs!

The event will last through March 25 at 7:59 ET, and will swap Galarian Corsola andGalarian Ponyta over to Swordfrom Shield, andGalarian Darumaka andGalarian Farfetch’d over to Shieldfrom Sword. Got it? Good. As usual, these will be max raid battle captures. It’s appropriately dubbed the “Pokedex Completion Event,” which will be nice for newcomers. I assume all the hardcore folks got it done in 2019!

As a reminder, Zarude is coming at some point and the season pass of two DLC campaigns will arrive this year.

Pokemon[Twitter via Serebii.net]