Pokemon Sword & Shield will have new 'Galarian Forms'


Some of them are wild

Nintendo promised more Pokemon Sword & Shieldinfo this morning and by God, we got it!

The big news this morning is the reveal of “Galarian Forms,” which are verysimilar to the “Alolan” concept from the previous Sun& Moongames. In case you’ve been living under a rock (hey, I know people who played Red & Blue, slept on this series for over a decade and picked it back up again), the general concept is to give old Pokemon new life through different “forms,” which allow them to drastically alter their appearance and moveset.

Naturally some people are probably already angry at this, asking why Game Freak has time for different forms when they can’t fit all of the old Pokemon into the game as it is, but that’s a conversation for another time (and a conversation we’ve already had for like two months straight). Confirmed Galarian-receptive Pokemon right now include Weezing, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Obstagoon, and Morpeko. We also get a brief look at rivals Marnie, Bede, and Team Yell (the new trouble making gang) in the clip below.

Then there’s the new “Poke Job” mechanic: “Trainers can check for available Poke Jobs at the Rotomi in Pokemon Centers and will be able send Pokemon directly from their Boxes to any job they accept.Trainers will find that certain Pokemon types are suited for specific jobs. The experience gained while on the job will help Pokemon grow, and Trainers may even receive rare items as rewards.” You know those Dungeons & Dragonsstyle “tavern” sidequests you can send party members off to (Final Fantasy Tacticsfamously used these)? It’s like that.

So yeah, a new Pokemonvideo! Time to enjoy it and be unsure if you should be mad at it. Liking Pokemonin 2019 definitely isn’t complicated at all.