Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are getting a Halloween event


‘Ultra Spooky Cup’

Nintendo and Game Freak know how to support a game. In addition to consistently sprinkled legendaries to look forward to there’s also a thriving pro scene and a decent amount of events for everyone to participate in. The “Ultra Spooky Cup” for Pokemon Ultra Sunand Moonis up next.

According to the official Pokemon Global Link website the cup will be held from October 26 through 28. You’ll need to sign up first though from October 18 through October 25, and you’re required to participate in three battles to even get in. After all that you’ll net a Shiny Mimikyu for your troubles.

Here’s the kicker though: only “spooky” Pokemon can take part. As the website puts it: “This competition will feature plenty of haunting Ghost types (like Palossand), Pokémon with a sinister visage (like Midnight Form Lycanroc), and even Pokémon like Pikachu and Eevee that are known to wear costumes for special occasions. Be prepared—even the spookiest of Mythical Pokemon will be haunting this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon competition!”

Ultra Spooky Cup [Pokemon Global Link]