Blissey is joining the roster of Pokemon Unite


Egg on  your team with the latest Supporter

Support players get a new Pokemon to add to the rotation this week. The Pokemon Unite team has confirmed that Blissey will be the next Pokemon coming to the battle arena.

Blissey joins the matches this Wednesday, Aug. 18. Playing as a Supporter Pokemon, Blissey’s abilities look to center around buffing and healing their teammates. Its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, will let it dash to an allied Pokemon and protect it from attacks.

Blissey is an egg-cellent Supporter Pokémon with moves that heal or increase basic attack speed! Its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, allows it to dash to an ally’s aid and protect that ally from attacks.

Bring your allies happiness with Blissey, coming 8/18 to #PokemonUNITE!

— Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) August 16, 2021

Pokemon Unite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, with a mobile launch planned for sometime in September. It’s overall a pretty interesting take on the MOBA formula, mixing the familiarity of Pokemon with the crushing highs and lows of a MOBA match. Some have derided its microtransaction scheme though, as leveling up held items does give you a bit of an advantage over those still working on enhancing them.

For me, I’m probably saving my coins on this one. Blissey certainly sounds interesting, as adding more Pokemon to the Supporter role will hopefully add a little more variety there. I usually only see Eldegosses and a few Mr. Mime players, and the one or two rare Wigglytuff players who absolutely annihilate the opposition.

As a Defender player though, I’m holding out for the next Pokemon for that category, Blastoise. They were confirmed as coming to Pokemon Unite back in June, but so far both Gardevoir and the mystery mark, Blissey, have launched before them.

So my watch continues, as I wait for my large water-cannon-toting turtle to make their way to my Unite matches. I can still make do with Snorlax and Slowbro just fine for now, though. We’ll see what Blissey brings to the table when they land in Pokemon Unite on Aug. 18.

For other Pokemon news, remember there’s a new Pokemon Presents set to air the same day Blissey goes live, on Aug. 18 at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET.