Polish prime minister Lidia Sobieska knuckles up in Tekken 7 today, and nothing's going to stop her



Matters are about to get a hell of a lot more political in Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 today, as brand new character Lidia Sobieska, who just so happens to be the Prime Minister of Poland, joins the 3D fighter’s huge roster of stylish sluggers. Sobieska arrives as part of Tekken 7‘s fourth season of DLC, following on from ninja-lass Kunimitsu II.

Lidia Sobieska is the descendant of two powerful figureheads in Polish politics: her grandfather, who was the Prime Minister of the country before her, and her father, who himself was a high-ranking official. When Lidia was a child, a failed assassination attempt on her grandfather resulted in the loss of her own father’s life, which instilled a deep desire for stoicism and justice within the young girl.

Honoring her father’s life, Lidia began planning her political path at an early age. Young Sobieska also started studying karate, believing that absolute power is the key to implementing justice. Lidia would find success in the physical forum first, stunning the world by winning the karate world championship at just 18 years of age. Strong in mind and body, and having now earned respect and adulation from her colleagues, peers, and compatriots, Sobieska’s drive and strength helped her transition with ease into the ruthless world of politics. At the shockingly young age of 29, and with her country firmly behind her, Lidia would ultimately earn her Grandfather’s seat as the Prime Minister of Poland.

Unfortunately, you cannot always sweep away a country’s problems with the mere stroke of a pen, a public holiday, or a board meeting. And as the Mishima Zaibatsu continues to terrorize the world with global warfare and familial in-fighting, Lidia has chosen to don her Gi and settle matters the old-fashioned way. With her homeland openly threatened by Heihachi Mishima, the Polish premier has decided to call the warlord’s bluff, choosing to meet him face-to-face in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. With fire in her eyes and an entire nation in her corner, it’s going to take more than passive-aggressive correspondence to steer this young warrior from her destiny.

It’s good you have a private army, Heihachi. You’re gonna need it.