Popping Cherries: The Legend of Zelda


30 years of greatness

On this day in 1986, Nintendo released what would become one of the most historically important and influential games of all time,The Legend of Zelda. The game sold more than six million copies on the NES and went on to spawn a series that will (hopefully) see its 19th entry release later this year. The 8-bit original has appeared on at countless greatest games of all time lists, and is easily one of the my favorite games ever.

For me, The Legend of Zelda is a way of life, which is why I’m always surprised to find out there are people who haven’t played it yet. I’m even more shocked when one of those people is a staff member here at Destructoid. With the game’s 30th anniversary looming, I tasked Josh Tolentino with tackling this retro wonder for our first video episode of Popping Cherries.