Pornbots are invading PSN


Some people were born with a chip on their shoulder

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t possibly get any creepier, pornbots have officially made their way onto PSN.

I would have probably just brushed this story off as just a bunch of dumb nonsense, but this actually happened to me. It all started with a random user adding me to a group chat. I play games with various folks on the internet all the time, so this didn’t immediately raise any red flags. That changed rather quickly as the conversation evolved from innocent “school” talk to “how big is it?”

That’s right, folks! Pornbots have, without question, now invaded our console gaming space. Isthisthe future?!? A few years from now, am I going to be unable to login to PSN without some random creeper asking me to “cum join my private chat”?!? Other users have, apparently, experienced this issue as well over the past couple of months on both NeoGAF andGameFAQs.

This may seem absolutely hilarious right now, but this could actually become a genuine problem in the near future. I mean, legitimately, a lot of kids use the PlayStation 4 every single day. Most parents aren’t even aware of parental controls or just how connected gaming systems are to the world wide web. I hate to say it, but, if this is going to become a “thing” now, maybe Nintendo’s online chat options aren’t such a terrible idea…. (Just kidding. They’re bad. They’re still very, very bad…)

Don’t get me wrong here. I love porn just as much as the next schmuck, but……

For anyone curious, here is a slew of screenshots detailing our conversation…..

The future is now.