Portal's 'Still Alive' sounds very Disney with a full choir


A whole album of choir-full game music

Portal‘s beloved “Still Alive” is a quirky anti-epic, so giving it the full choir treatment just kind of sounds like a ’90s Disney tune, even when the rest of the voices (backup singing villagers or something) jump in halfway through. Technically neat, but thematically it’s not really jiving for me. You can listen to it embedded over yonder and weigh in.

Good thing “Still Alive” is only one of the tracks on The Greatest Videogame Music III – Choral Edition (out January 29). I’m feeling like the selections from Skyrim, Final Fantasy, God of War and even Portal 2‘s “Cara Mia Addio” will benefit a bit more from a full choir belting.

On the other hand, you can just listen to Los Saicos.