Pour one out for Miitomo, which shuts its doors after today


We hardly knew ye

Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone app, is finally closing shop after a little over two years. The app launched with the promise of making your Mii’s more interactive and it barely achieved that. While I had some fun with Miitomo, I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually logged in to answer some funny daily questions. For any fans, today will be your last day to even take a glance.

As a reminder, basically everything you’ve done in Miitomo won’t be saved. All those answers, cosmetic items, Sidekick Mii’s and even Miifotos will be lost. You can back up your photos by saving them to your smartdevice, but everything else is kaput. Even the Miitomo themed Super Mario Run items will cease to be, which is a little odd.

The app will officially cease operations at 12 am PST on May 9, so anyone on the east coast does have a little extra time to tinker with the app. I doubt this will get the kind of send off that the Miiverse had, though.