Powers Rangers: Battle for the Grid squares up this week


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Developer nWay has announced that their fighting game based on ’90s sensation Power Rangers is ready for release. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will start rolling out on multiple platforms this week, bringing the heroes and villains of the franchise to life in wild, MvC style action.

Battle for the Grid will launch on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One tomorrow, March 26. European PS4 players will be able to dive into the action March 28, with North American PS4 players to follow next week, on April 2. A PC edition is currently scheduled to release this Summer.

nWay has been assuring fans throughout development that Battle for the Grid is not some weak cash in, but a fighting title with deep mechanics and exciting gameplay while staying true to the franchise’ roots. From the various trailers, it really doesn’t look too bad. I mean, I don’t think titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ or Mortal Kombat 11 have anything to worry about, but I think for Power Rangers fans it could be a lot of fun.

Battle for the Grid will feature tag fighting action and a single player story campaign, with challenges and other content to be delivered post-launch. I don’t see Rita Repulsa though, so it’s not all good news. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid rolls out this week on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.